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If you don't know your head size and want to order our circlets, you have several options. Some of our styles are available in an adjustable size. This is good if you frequently change your hairstyle, or sometimes wear wigs, veils, coifs or other headgear.

If you wish to measure your head for a fixed size headpiece, you can do this several ways. Our measurements are all in Imperial (inches), rounded up to the nearest half-inch. Round up, because a too-tight headpiece can give headaches. You can measure around your head with a tape measure, at the level you want the headpiece to sit. It is easier to have another person help you with this. You can also use a ribbon, knot it where it comfortably sits, cut it and measure the length.

If you would frequently wear veils, coifs, wigs, or other headgear, we recommend measuring while wearing these items, as they can make a difference of a full size, or sometimes more.

The chart below provides conversions between Imperial (inches) and metric (cm) scale, as well as cross referencing approximate hat sizes and the ribbon color system we use in our booth.

Head Size Chart

Ribbon Color Size (Inches) Size (cm) Hat Size Notes
Turquoise Turquoise 19" 48.3cm 6 Fits average 2 yr. old Children's Sizes
Lime Lime 19-1/2" 49.5cm 6-1/4 Fits average 3-4 yr. old
Pink Pink 20" 50.8cm 6-3/8 Fits average 5-6 yr. old
Yellow Yellow 20-1/2" 52.1cm 6-1/2 Fits average 7-10 yr. old
White White 21" 53.3cm 6-3/4 Women's Small Adult Sizes
Green Green 21-1/2" 54.6cm 6-7/8 Men's Small
Blue Blue 22" 55.9cm 7 Women's Average
Red Red 22-1/2" 57.2cm 7-1/4 Men's Average
Purple Purple 23" 58.4cm 7-3/8 Women's Large
Orange Orange 23-1/2" 59.7cm 7-1/2 Men's Large
Black Black 24" 61cm 7-3/4 XL/Afro/Hatband

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