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Lapidary Work

Tomas did start his business doing lapidary work, cutting stones to fit standard jewelry mountings. These days we can still do stonecutting, but rarely do so. Most of the stones we use are purchased from commercial cutting houses. You get the same quality gemstones, but at a lower price than we could afford to charge if we did all of our cutting in-house.

If you wish to have a stone custom-cut for a specific setting or purpose, contact us and we will gladly work up an estimate for you. We can use your rough stone, or hunt down some rough if you need a specific type (if it is currently available on the market). We can cut faceted gems, cabochons, and spheres. Please note that if you wish to provide the rough stone for cutting, we will need to physically inspect the stone in order to determine its suitability for cutting.


If you provide us a rough stone for cutting, even if we have inspected the stone and deemed it good enough to cut, we CANNOT guarantee that the stone will not crack or break during the cutting process. Stones can sometimes have hidden flaws that we cannot identify beforehand. This is rare, but possible.

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